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Help Sochi How to Dress

How to Dress

All Chauffeurs are expected to wear a suit, shirt and tie at all times.

Black or dark-coloured suit — clean and pressed.
  • Clean, dark tie — neatly tied and tightened to the collar.
  • White or light-coloured long-sleeve plain shirt — clean, ironed, tucked in and buttoned up.
  • Classic dark Oxford or Derby shoes — clean and polished.
  • In cold conditions, chauffeurs may meet their passengers in smart outerwear and a hat to be put away in the boot before the journey begins.
  • No accessories, including jewellery and chauffeur hat and gloves.
  • Clean, tidy haircut.
  • Clean-shaven or with moustache / beard well-groomed.
  • Clean hands and nails.
  • No smoking 30 minutes prior to collecting a passenger. This includes e-cigarettes.
  • Always use deodorant

Not acceptable:
  • Colourful shirts
  • Jeans
  • Short sleeve shirt
  • Knitted jackets, sweaters and vests (in addition or instead of a jacket)
  • Jackets, coats, fur coats, raincoats over a suit inside the vehicle (put it in the boot before you get into the salon)
  • Smoking in salon (also prohibited by TfL rules) and smoking 30 minutes prior to collecting a passenger — you will bring tobacco smell in with you