Statements of Earnings and VAT

Will I receive a detailed statement of earnings?

Yes, you will receive a weekly statement of your earnings broken down by booking. You will receive this by email and it is also accessible via the partner dashboard at

Will I receive an invoice for the commission I paid to Wheely?

Yes, we will send you an automated monthly invoice for your records. You will not need to do anything when you receive this as we will have already taken our commission automatically. This is an official document that you can use for your taxes (e.g. for claiming back VAT if you are VAT registered).


We highly recommend you contact your accountant for more detailed services as Wheely does not provide accounting services.

The full guidelines from the UK government on how VAT applies to taxis and private hire cars can be seen on this link.

Does VAT apply on all journeys?

Yes, however, it only applies to Chauffeurs or Fleet Partners that are VAT-registered.

How does VAT apply on Wheely’s journey for VAT-registered partners?

As you may be aware, the law around UK VAT is currently in a state of flux following two court decisions and associated guidance issued by TfL and HMRC. The UK Government has recognised the current uncertainty and announced that it will undertake a consultation on VAT in the private hire industry in Q1 2024.

Pending the outcome of that consultation, Wheely continues to account for VAT on its margin in the usual way. You should also continue to account for VAT as normal, in particular making sure that you register and account for VAT in full (net of Wheely’s commission) wherever you meet the VAT threshold of £85,000.

For further guidance regarding your specific circumstances, you should liaise with your own independent advisors, since it is not Wheely’s place or responsibility to provide its partners with accounting advice.