Work for Wheely
Meet the team behind Wheely

Meet the team behind Wheely

We create an awesome service and enjoy what we do.

We experiment and try out new technological solutions to replace complex things with something simple. We avoid long-winded decision-making and don't have a hierarchy: if you know what to do and how it should work, you have the go-ahead to make it happen right now.

Our team makes Wheely easy-to-use for everyone so that customers can book a car quickly and easily; drivers have no problem accepting bookings and serving customers; and corporate clients can monitor and keep track of their rides and expenses.

As we create technologies that make this possible, we try our hand in new areas. We do a lot of work, discussing, arguing, and problem-solving and we observe how our solutions help shape up a service enjoyed by our customers. Trying to solve some of the toughest problems often leads us to amazing results and makes our job fun and inspiring. We love watching our projects grow and we enjoy growing with them.

Join us!