How do you calculate the trip?

The trip calculation:

The trip calculation takes into account three factors:
1) Base fare: this is a fixed cost at which each fare starts.
2) Time: Cost for each minute of the trip.
3) Mileage: Cost for each mile of the journey.

The above components are added together to calculate the total fare: Base fare + Time + Mileage.

Each tariff has a different price for each component ie
Base Fare
£ 5
£ 7
£ 7
Minimum Fare
Minimum Fare: means that you are guaranteed a specific fare if you have short trips. If the total of all 3 components is lower than the minimum fare, you will be paid the minimum fare.

Fixed Transfer
Wheely provides a fixed transfer fare for journeys to and from Heathrow and Gatwick airports. The price may vary based on the area of pick up or drop-off.

(Wheely fare is calculated according to the mileage and time of the journey. Only transfers to/from Heathrow and Gatwick Airports are on fixed price tariffs.

If during a transfer you press the "Extra Stop" button, then the trip will be counted on the standard tariff, and not a fixed tariff.)

There are some cases where the fixed fare transfer can change to the standard fare calculation.
However, this change is only acceptable in the following circumstances:
The use of "Extra Stop."
1: During a transfer, customer may request to make an extra stop with a serious deviation from the route - going to the additional address is completely out of the way.
2: If you stop during the transfer for more than 20 minutes without essential deviation from a route you can press Extra Stop.
3: After a long ride around the city the passenger is asking you to get them to the airport.

NOTE: Wheely may re-adjust the fare, if the the "Extra Stop" button is being misused.
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