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Help Reservations and Wheely Driver App When should I press the “Arrived”, “POB” (Passenger On Board) and “Completed” buttons on a ride?

When should I press the “Arrived”, “POB” (Passenger On Board) and “Completed” buttons on a ride?

    Accept” – When you have set your status to “Online” the app will automatically deliver nearby jobs to you. We urge all of our drivers to set their status to “offline” if they are not ready to accept rides.

    Arrived” – Select this status when you arrive at the arranged point to collect a rider. If you are on an ASAP ride, please don’t press the “Arrived” status until you are 100% certain you are in the right place. This is because the rider is allowed 5 minutes free waiting time which begins when you select “Arrived”. If you are on a pre-booked job, you may select this status if you arrive early as the rider’s 5 minutes starts from a prearranged time. In any case, do not select “Arrived” until you you have stopped your vehicle at the correct location.

    POB” (Passenger On Board) – Once you have met your rider, you should select this status. This is especially important for transfers (to/from airports).

    Completed” – After (and only after) you have seen your rider out with their luggage you should select this status to let us know you’ve finished the job