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Pre-bookings and Diamonds

Wheely offers journeys both on demand and in advance. The majority of airport transfers are booked in advance. As these tend to cover longer distances and offer a guaranteed journey, they are more attractive for Partner drivers.

To make the process as fair as possible, Wheely implements a scheme through which Partner drivers earn Diamonds based on the type and time of an on-demand journeys. They then exchange a set amount of Diamonds for each opportunity to take an advance booking.

Partner drivers earn the most Diamonds for ASAP rides at peak hours in the morning and evening.
Diamonds can only be earned via ASAP rides or qualifying for the incentives.

Once you have reserved a pre- booking, you will see the distribution time for the ride. You must ensure that you are online at this time so you can receive the ride. Failure to do so will incur a diamonds penalty.

If you receive an ASAP ride that will overlap with your pre-booking, the ASAP ride is the priority. We will re-assign the pre-booked ride and return the amount of diamonds that you used to reserve it.
Releasing Pre-booking:
If you release a pre-booking more than 3 hours from the reservation time the amount of diamonds you used to reserve the ride will be returned to your account. If you release a pre-booking within 3 hours of the booking time, the Diamonds you have used will not be reimbursed.  

If you are late for the pickup, you will incur a penalty of 20 Diamonds.

Bookings are made by vehicle, not name
Pre-bookings are made under the number plate of the vehicle and not the name of the Partner driver. For example, if you book a journey for vehicle AB18DEF and then change your vehicle, you will not be able to view the details unless you change the vehicle back to AB18DEF