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Help Issues during the journey What if the rider doesn't show up?

What if the rider doesn't show up?

If the rider is not outside when you arrive, give the rider 20 minutes before making any contact. Once the 20 mins have passed the "No-Show" button will appear on you screen.

Once the "No Show" button appears, contact the rider and ask: "Good afternoon, John! My name is Ben and I am your Wheely Driver, I am waiting for you outside. Take your time and come out at your convenience" Depending on what customer says, reply accordingly in the polite manner. 

If you can not get hold of the passenger, report this issue to a Wheely support team. Further, follow the instructions received from Wheely support.

Note: Never press this "Now Show" button, if you did not receive confirmation from a customer or awhile support team, otherwise you will not get paid for this ride and your account will be blocked.