COVID-19 Guidance

Government guidance

You can see the latest government advice here.This will be updated from time to time, so please keep an eye on this link for the latest government advice in your region.

Wheely Hygiene Standards

Please, make sure you read the COVID-19: The Wheely Standard pack here. You are required to ensure that you are 100% compliant with the enhanced standard for hygiene and cleanliness in order to operate on the Wheely platform. 

Sick leave & Quarantine

If you feel unwell, please stay at home and do not accept any journeys on to the Wheely app. 

It is our duty of care to ensure that if you are required to undergo a period of quarantine; either following travel to a high-risk area or as instructed by government or local health officials, that you do so immediately - ensuring that you remove yourself from the Wheely platform for the duration of the mandated quarantine period.
If you are required to undergo a period of self-imposed or enforced quarantine, please inform us immediately via Once we receive your notification, one of our agents will be in touch to discuss any support options that we may be able to offer and to discuss the timeline for your return to work.

Failure to inform us that you are required to undertake a period of quarantine is a material breach of our terms and conditions (T&Cs) and will result in permanent removal from the Wheely platform.  It may also result in litigation. 

Interactions with passengers

  • Avoid physical contact with passengers. Do not shake hands at the start or the end of the journey.
  • Keep a respectful distance from a passenger whenever possible and maintain this distance throughout a journey.  When opening a door, face away from the vehicle, whilst ensuring that a passenger is able to enter and exit the vehicle safely.
  • When greeting passengers in the airport, you should still offer to carry passenger luggage, as usual, but use hand sanitizer after handling their bags.
  • Cease all physical contact with passengers, unless assisting elderly or infirm passengers into, or out of the vehicle, following which hand sanitizer must be used by the chauffeur. 

New car equipment standards

  • Immediately remove all sweets, gum, nuts, mints or any other clutter from the passenger area of the car.
  • Aesop hand sanitizer and single-use tissues must be available in the passenger area of the vehicle. Sanitizer should be placed in the central armrest (where these are available). Note: The location of liquid/gel hand sanitiser must be separated from water bottles within the passenger space.
  • Passenger water must be placed in door panels and separated from hand sanitisers.
  • Chauffeurs must have separate liquid/gel sanitizer for their personal usage.
  • Disinfectant spray and disposable single-use cloths or disposable kitchen towel to apply disinfectant to soft surfaces.
  • Antibacterial surface wipes.
  • Disposable plastic bags to contain contaminated material.  

Hygiene and sanitary regimes

  • Sanitise high-touch surfaces; such as plastic and metal components of seatbelts, internal passenger door handles and seat adjusters, central and door panel armrests, all buttons, and screens, passenger phone chargers and light switches, after every journey, using impregnated antibacterial/alcohol surface wipes.
  • Ventilate and sanitize the interior of the vehicle twice daily – at the start and the end of the shift, wiping-down all surfaces using disinfectant spray and single-use disposable cloths.
  • After handling passenger luggage, please, disinfect hands, once the luggage is safely placed in the trunk.
  • Wash your hands properly with soap and warm water whenever you can.
  • Use single-use tissues to capture coughs and sneezes. Dispose of these in sealed plastic bags after every journey – do not store these, or any other used cloths/wipes in the vehicle.

Face Coverings

From 1 June 2020 chauffeurs are mandated to wear face coverings on all Wheely journeys.  Therefore, please wear a face covering at all times when inside your vehicle.

The face covering does not need to be a medical-grade face mask (e.g.: FFP2, FFP3, etc.). Make sure your face covering fully covers your mouth and nose, when worn.

Wheely are happy to provide you with complimentary high-quality, washable face coverings, which may be collected from our office at 3 Queen Street, Mayfair, at your convenience.  

Please refer to the Wheely Hygiene Standards for further details.

While the Government advice doesn’t explicitly cover the use of taxi and private hire services, TfL guidance [Notice 08/20] communicates that 'Passengers are being advised by Transport for London that they should wear face coverings when travelling by taxi or private hire vehicle for the duration of the journey...' with some exceptions.  TfL guidance also advises that as a licensed driver, you can refuse to carry a passenger, if the passenger does not wish to wear a face covering.

In the eventuality that you are not content to carry a passenger who does not wish to wear a face covering once they have entered your vehicle, please allow the passenger to remain in your vehicle whilst you contact Wheely Support, so that we may make alternative arrangements to convey the passenger.

COVID-19 — exposure

  • You must contact support if you believe that you may have been exposed to COVID-19 either through your work or in your private lives.
  • If you believe that a passenger has arrived from a high-risk area, or is
    suffering from symptoms of COVID-19, you must inform support after completing the journey.  You will then be required to conduct a deep clean of your vehicle, by disinfecting all internal surfaces, before accepting another journey.
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