How to correctly greet passengers?

  1. Once you’ve arrived, press ‘Arrived’ on the app and meet the passenger by the rear left door (not inside the vehicle).
  2. Do not call the passenger immediately after you have arrived.
    1. After 20 minutes if the passenger is still with you, a ‘No Show’ button will appear. Do not press it immediately - call the passenger first and politely ask when you can be expecting them.
    2. If you can’t get through to your passenger, you need to notify the support team and await their instructions. Do not close the ride or press ‘No Show’ until a member of support team has asked you to do so.
How should I meet the rider?
Meet your passenger outside the vehicle with the door open.If they have luggage, put it in the boot once they are inside. If it is raining, please also have an umbrella ready.
  • Welcome the passenger with: "Good morning/afternoon/evening. My name is _____ and I am your Wheely driver". Politely ask passengers to confirm their name.
  • Does a group of passengers include a female? If so, please always open her door first.
  • Ask if the passenger has a preferred route. Some of the most common reasons for a low rating include an unfamiliar route and a passenger's preferences being ignored.
  • Outline the selected route in detail e.g. “We will be taking the M25 which is faster but which will add 15 miles to the Journey”.
  • Ask if the passenger would like the radio on and would like to listen to a preferred radio station or stream music from their phone. If your passenger requests the radio without specifying a station, put on Classic FM (100-102 FM) at a low volume. Ensure the volume is not too loud.
  • The temperature should be set to 20 - 22 C°. Ask passengers if they are comfortable or would like it warmer or colder.
What if I can’t park near the customer or I can’t park for very long?
  1. If you cannot park at the address, you need to call the passenger and warn them about this, for example: “Good afternoon, John. This is your driver Alex. I have arrived but unfortunately I cannot park at the requested location, but I am parked nearby. Could you please call me when you are ready to come out and I will come and greet you.”
  2. If you can’t get hold of the passenger by phone or text, you need to message or call the support team.
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