What should be in the vehicle

  1. A working smartphone (iOS or Android), with correct settings and apps:
    • Wheely Driver app should be allowed to run in background
    • Wheely Driver app should be have notifications turned on
    • Notification sound should either be on, or if you use hands free - notifications should be coming to your earphone
    • It’s up to you which navigation app you use, but we highly recommend using Waze
  2. A smartphone holder
    • We recommend placing your phone to the right of your steering wheel below the windscreen (unless you are charging your phone and wires are coming over the steering wheel, which is unsafe)
    • You should only have one smartphone on display in the vehicle
  3. Wheely Nameboard for meeting riders at airports. To find out how to correctly collect Wheely riders from airports please see here.
  4. Large umbrella (preferably black) for meeting riders in poor weather conditions. Umbrella should comfortably cover 2 people.
  5. Phone chargers for passengers
    • Charger cable should be long enough for passenger in the back seat to comfortably speak on the phone while it’s charging.
    • Iphone and Android chargers.
    • When not in use, chargers should be put away in the armrest.
  6. A couple of bottles of still water
  7. Rear armrest is down.

What you should not have inside the vehicle:
  1. Advertising materials (during Wheely rides only)
  2. Personal belongings (including front passenger seat)
  3. Air fresheners hanging off the rear view mirror
  4. Multiple phones and gadgets on display
If your vehicle does not comply with the service standards, it may be suspended from the platform.
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