Interacting with Passengers

How should I interact with passengers?

  • Avoid physical contact with passengers. Do not shake hands at the start or the end of the journey.

  • Keep a respectful distance from a passenger whenever possible and maintain this distance throughout a journey. When opening a door, face away from the vehicle, whilst ensuring that a passenger is able to enter and exit the vehicle safely.

  • Cease all physical contact with passengers, unless assisting elderly or infirm passengers into, or out of the vehicle, following which hand sanitizer must be used by the chauffeur.

What should I do if I think the passenger may have COVID-19?

  • Complete the journey as usual (the symptoms you are assuming the passenger has, may not be COVID).

  • Contact the Customer Service team and inform them.

  • Contact 119 if you start to show symptoms.

  • Conduct a full sanitisation of your vehicle before completing any further journeys.

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