Receiving the Sign-Up Incentive

How does the sign-up incentive work?

To receive the sign-up incentive:

  • Register a new Chauffeur account, add all the necessary documents, and register for Accreditation

  • Successfully pass the Academy Accreditation and have a vehicle assigned to your account

  • After accreditation and within 28 days from the date of activation, complete the required number of journeys. As a rule of thumb, the countdown starts once you can go online on the app

  • The number of journeys required is determined by the vehicle class:


Approx. Journeys/week

Total Journeys in 28 days

£ Incentive


24 journeys

95 journeys


New First

23 journeys

90 journeys



23 journeys

90 journeys



9 journeys

35 journeys


Who does the Sign Up incentive apply to?

The programme applies exclusively to new chauffeurs, accredited in London from 16th January 2023.

When will I receive my incentive?

You will see the reward in your chauffeur profile on the app as soon as you complete the required number of journeys. The incentive will be reflected in your weekly earnings the following Monday.

Do Business and other journeys count if I am driving an S-Class?

Yes, these journeys do count - any journey counts towards the progress of the sign-up incentive.

For New First chauffeurs, First and Business Class journeys will also count towards your total.

Which journeys count towards the incentive?

Both ASAPs and pre-booked journeys count, including Concierge tariff. Additionally, journeys that were paid cancellations.

I just joined, and completed my first journey but still don’t see the incentive, what should I do?

There might be a short delay between activating your account and when you start seeing the incentive in the app. Not to worry, any journey completed during this delay will be counted once the incentive appears on the app.

Who is not eligible for the incentive?

  • Chauffeurs who are asked to complete accreditation as a result of low ratings will not be entitled to the sign-up incentive

  • Chauffeurs who are required to complete accreditation due to inactivity

  • If the Wheely partnership is ended prior to the sign-up incentive period being complete, then the sign-up incentive and referral are no longer valid