In our strive for excellence, we track all feedback received about our chauffeurs. This includes passenger feedback, quality checks, and mystery shoppers. Based on the feedback received, we will then contact you with further information.

Will I get rewarded if a passenger leaves a positive comment about my service?

Yes! If a passenger has left positive feedback about their journey with you, you will receive diamonds.

What if a passenger leaves negative feedback?

If a passenger has left negative feedback about their journey, this feedback will be investigated. You may receive a call from our quality control team to gain further feedback, which will be considered before any actions are taken. This may be a diamond deduction, or for more serious offences, off-boarding from the platform.

Will I be quality checked?

Our quality team will be conducting random quality checks to ensure that both you and your vehicle are compliant with Wheely Standards. These checks can be done in-person or remotely.

If you are checked and fulfil all of the requirements, then you will be rewarded with diamonds. However, if you are not compliant with the standards, the quality control team will consider further action.

Will I take a Mystery Shopper on a journey?

Some passengers may be Mystery Shoppers; this means that they have been asked to review every element of their journey experience.