Arriving at the Pick Up Point

  1. Once you have arrived at the correct pick-up point, press the ‘Arrived button’.

  2. Wait for the passenger by the rear left door. If it is raining, wait standing with your umbrella. If the pick up location is clear (such as a restaurant or shop), please stand near the entrance of the location and accompany the passenger to your vehicle under the umbrella.

  3. Whilst waiting, keep the salon at a comfortable, neutral temperature (between 20-22℃).

  4. Please do not call the passenger immediately upon your arrival.

  5. While waiting for the passenger, do not take this as an opportunity to clean your vehicle, or to replenish items in the vehicle. This should be done before arriving at the pick-up location.

Note: If you cannot park at the address, please call the passenger and advise them about this:

"Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, (PASSENGER NAME). This is (CHAUFFEUR NAME), your Wheely chauffeur. I have arrived. Unfortunately, I cannot park at the requested location, but I am parked nearby. May you please call me when you are ready to come out and I will come and greet you."