Quality Process:

As part of the service excellence we strive for, we go through all the feedback that is provided by riders. When the feedback is against Wheely's Service Standards, it is recorded in our Quality Assessment database. Each feedback has specific weighting and different results. You will receive points based on the feedback. Once you have reached a total of 10 points, your account may be suspended and an invitation for a re-accreditation session may be sent to you to discuss the suspension. You will also incur diamond deduction based on the feedback that is provided.

Please see below an illustrative example of different feedback with the results.

Level 1: You receive a phone call/ email from Wheely to explain the feedback. You will receive 5 penalty points and 10 diamonds will be deducted from your profile.

NOTE: The level 1 points will reset after 60 days of the issue date.

Level 2: Once you have accumulated 10 points you will have reached Level 2. You will be invited to the office to go through the re-accreditation process.

If you accumulate 10 points or incur another Level 2 feedback after having already attended re-accreditation once, you may be suspended and your diamonds may be nullified.

What happens at re-accreditation?

  • We will go through the issue(s) with you.
  • We may assess your knowledge of the Wheely Service Standards
  • We will provide feedback on how to avoid similar issue(s)
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