When can I contact the passenger?

There are only 4 situations where you should contact the passenger directly.

  1. If you have found lost property immediately after the drop off with that journey.
  2. If you are meeting the passenger at an airport or train station and you do not have the flight or train number. In this situation you should contact the passenger at reservation time (once you’ve accepted the journey if it is an ASAP request) to confirm the meeting point.
  3. After 20 minutes when the “No Show” button has appeared on the app. If you cannot get in contact with the passenger you should contact support for further instructions.
  4. When you cannot park at the designated pick up location. In this situation you should park at the closest safe space and contact the passenger to let them know that you have been unable to park at the pick up location. Politely ask your passenger to give you a call about 5 minutes before they are ready to be collected and inform them that you will bring the car around for that time.
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