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Waiting for a Passenger

What should I do if a passenger asks me to wait for them on a journey?

  1. After each stop, clearly ask the passenger “is this journey complete, or would you like me to wait for you?”
  2. If the passenger confirms that the journey is complete, please complete the journey on the app. If the passenger asks you to wait, then please wait for the passenger.
  3. If the passenger is not the customer himself, for example, the customer has ordered a car for their friends, then, please contact the support team to confirm these stops. The support team will then contact the customer and confirm whether you can wait for the passenger at their expense.
  4. If the passenger takes longer than 30 minutes, and the waiting time was not stipulated in advance, contact the support team and proceed according to their instructions.
  5. If the waiting time has been agreed with the passenger, and they are still delayed, please inform the support team.