Meeting passengers at the airport and train station


Meet with a name-board

If the passenger has requested Meet with a name-board please wait in Arrivals with your Wheely-branded name-board only. Check the Comments section to see how the passenger would like to be addressed.

  1. The system can track flights automatically. In this case, you don’t need to track it.
  2. Be in Arrivals by the time the plane lands. Many passengers travel lightly and can be out as soon as five minutes after landing.
  3. Meet the passenger with a Wheely-branded name-board displaying the correct name.
  4. Help passengers with any luggage they might have.

Meet without a name-board: flight number known

  1. If the flight isn’t tracked automatically, find the flight number in the Comments section and track the flight’s arrival to avoid any issues with delayed flights and extended waiting times.
  2. When the plane has landed, call the passenger as follows:

Good morning/afternoon/evening, X, this is Y, your Wheely chauffeur. I can meet you with a name-board in the arrivals area, or would you prefer me to pick you up somewhere else?

  1. Follow the passenger’s instructions.

Meet without name-board: flight number unknown

As above, but please call the passenger 10 minutes before the specified pickup time

Train Stations

When a name-board is requested

When meeting a passenger at a train station without a pick up area such as St Pancras, park in the short car park and wait in the meeting area with the name-board.

  1. Track the train and make sure you have parked at least 15 minutes before it enters the station.
  2. Wait at the beginning of the platform as the train pulls in.
  3. Meet passengers with a Wheely-branded name-board displaying the correct name.

When a name-board is not requested

1. Call the passenger 10 minutes before the specified pickup time to ask if they would like you to meet them with a name-board at the arrivals area.

2. If the passenger prefers not to be met with a name-board, ask where they would like you to meet them.

How to fill in and hold the name-board

  • Write the name specified in the booking clearly in block capitals.
  • Hold the name-board with both hands at chest height or above your head.
  • If the name provided is in a language other than English, please contact the Support Team who will provide you with the correct details.

Note: Always help passengers with their luggage and put it away in the boot.

Flight and train delays

If the passenger’s flight or train is delayed, please notify the Support Team who will update the booking details.

CAUTION: Be exact with status updates for transfers

Please update your status as close to the terminal as you can (both on arrival and departure). If you’ve already driven away from the terminal then the app may not be able to recognise the job as a transfer and so the earnings may be less.


Why has complimentary waiting time been increased from 30 minutes to one hour?

As well as increasing complimentary waiting time to one hour, it now also starts from when a flight lands rather than the passenger’s stated pickup time. This is because passengers would routinely add 30 minutes to their flight arrival time to take account of border control and luggage collection. Yet if they went through faster, their chauffeur occasionally failed to show up on time.

When will the order with the flight tracking be dispatched?

We haven’t changed the actual dispatching process. But now the pickup time is the same as the estimated flight arrival time, orders will be dispatched earlier. When should I tap “I’m in the airport zone” now flights are tracked? Tap the button at the pickup time specified, but please be sure you are close to or at the airport zone – meaning a place where you can park and wait for the passenger that is close to the pickup area.

Will I be penaltized if I tap “I’m in arrivals” or “I’m in the airport zone” when I’m not in the correct area?

No, there is no penalty but please only tap the button after you have arrived at the specified place - as outlined in the Wheely Guide for Chauffeurs.

How will I know that the flight is being tracked?

Look for the new “Flight is expected at…” headline on the active order screen.

How will I know if the flight is early or delayed?

The time of arrival in your active order screen will remain updated with the latest information. Should the ETA change, a push notification will let you know.

How will I know when the flight lands?

You will receive confirmation via a push notification.

How long should I wait for a passenger - and when do I need to tap ‘No Show’?

The button appears 90 minutes after the flight lands. Only tap the button after you have contacted the passenger. If you cannot reach the passenger, please call the support team.

Do I need to contact support agent in case of flight delay?

No, all flights are tracked automatically so support will be aware of any delays. Please only call a support agent in cases where a delayed flight hasn’t been tracked. Support will manually update the pickup time.

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