How do I get a bonus for referring a new chauffeur?


To get a referral bonus, you need to:

  • Share your unique referral code with a person who has not previously worked as a chauffeur with Wheely.

  • Your code can be found in your Wheely app or by contacting the Wheely Operations team.

  • Ask them to report this code when registering. This can be done when signing up online or when booking their session for accreditation.

  • Your contact must make the required number of journeys within the first 28 days of being accredited. The requirements for the number of journeys are shown in the table below.

  • After successful completion of the required journeys, you will receive a £500 referral bonus.

The time at which the bonus is paid is dependant on the vehicle class driven:

*Your contact will receive a sign up bonus for achieving the required number of journeys.

Where can I find my code?

Your code can be found in your Wheely app or by contacting the Wheely Operations team.

When will I get paid?

When your contact completes the required number of journeys within 28 days you will receive your referral bonus and they will receive their sign up bonus. Details of their sign up bonus can be found here.


Once my contact provides me with their code, where do I include this?

The referral code can be added when filling out the sign up form on our website or when booking your appointment for accreditation. We must receive the referral code before the beginning of your accreditation.

What happens if I don’t have a referral code, or I forget to provide a referral code?

If you don’t have a referral code or forget to provide one, your contact will not receive their referral bonus. However, you will still be eligible for the sign up bonus, as long as you complete the required number of journeys for your vehicle class. Further details can be found here.

To Note:

  • A maximum of 5 journeys per passenger will count towards the sign up bonus.

  • The referred chauffeur must be new to the Wheely platform (never registered before).

  • Each chauffeur can refer a maximum of 6 chauffeurs.

  • If the Wheely partnership is ended prior to the sign up bonus period being complete, then the sign up bonus and referral are no longer valid.