The Wheely Referral Incentive

How much can you earn?

As of now, you can earn £500 for every newly registered chauffeur that you recommend, regardless of your class. Please, continue reading to understand our Terms and Conditions.

Why does Wheely offer a referral incentive?

At Wheely, we highly value and respect the hard work and dedication of our chauffeurs. We believe that you play a crucial role in creating exceptional experiences for our clients. Offering referral incentives is one of the ways we show our appreciation to you, while also aiming to expand our team of skilled professionals.

Where to find your incentive code?

You will find your code under your PROFILE tab. From there it's very simple to share your code.


What are the conditions to receive the referral?

  • The new chauffeur must have never been registered with Wheely before.

  • They must pass accreditation and complete a set amount of journeys within 28 days.

  • Your incentive will be applied straight to your bank account once all the requirements have been fulfilled.

How can I send the referral code?

  • When you go to the ‘Incentives’ tab on your app, a special link will be generated for referrals.

  • You can then share the link with the person you wish to refer, ensuring the incentive is automatically applied.

  • This way, you will also be able to keep track of all the referrals and their progress.

What happens if the person I referred does not include the code at the time of sign-up?

If the referee doesn’t have a referral link or forgets to provide a referral code, you will not receive the referral incentive. In order to ensure you receive it, you must instruct your referrer to include it at the time of sign-up.

When will I get paid?

When your referee completes the required number of journeys within 28 days you will receive your referral incentive and they will receive their sign-up incentive. Details of their sign-up incentive can be found here.

You can also track the progress of the referred chauffeur in the app by tapping on the referral card.

Please note :

  • A maximum of 5 journeys per passenger will count towards the sign-up incentive.

  • They must use the referral code at the time of sign up and it cannot be retroactively added, the personalised referral link they get automatically contains the code.

  • Each Chauffeur can only refer to a maximum of 6 chauffeurs in total.

  • If the Wheely partnership is ended prior to the sign-up incentive period being complete, then the sign-up incentive and referral are no longer valid.


Once my contact provides me with their code, where do I include this?

If your contact sends you a Wheely link, generated from within their account, you will be able to complete the sign-up straight away without having to include the code manually, as this will already be filled out by the system.

If you were only given a code, similar to AB1234, you will have to input this manually, at the time of sign-up on our website.

What happens if I don’t have a referral link, or I forget to provide a referral code?

If you don’t have a referral link or forget to provide a referral code, your contact will not receive their referral incentive. However, you will still be eligible for the sign-up incentive, as long as you complete the required number of journeys for your vehicle class. Further details can be found here.