Becoming a Wheely Chauffeur

What are the requirements to join the Wheely platform?

To become a partner, you must:

  • Be registered as a self-employed individual, or applying as a legal entity (i.e. Private Limited Company)

To become a Chauffeur you must:

  • Be fully licensed by TfL or CastlePoint

  • Be a UK resident with a National Insurance number


  1. Both you as a Chauffeur and your vehicle need to be licensed in order to become a Wheely Chauffeur.

  2. Both you and your vehicle must hold the a license from the same Institution.

How do I become a Wheely Partner?

  • Register on our website

  • Fill out some information about yourself

  • Add at least one Chauffeur into your partner account (for partner drivers, this will be yourself)

  • Upload your personal and vehicle documentation (please see our guidelines on uploading documentation)

  • Complete the pre-accreditation assessments

  • Book your Wheely Accreditation session via our Driver's Profile once you finish uploading all your vehicle's and personal documents.

  • Once you have passed Accreditation and completed the required number of journeys for your vehicle class, you will receive a sign up bonus. For further information, see the Sign Up Bonus FAQ

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