The Academy

Wheely chauffeurs share a proud commitment to the highest standards for service, safety, etiquette, and discretion. Wheely's Academy is where chauffeurs prove that commitment.


Wheely passengers expect every journey to meet the highest standards, and every Wheely chauffeur depends on every other Wheely chauffeur to uphold those standards. Before we let a new chauffeur join our platform, they must understand what excellence looks like to us.

Full Privacy

Passenger privacy is the cornerstone of Wheely’s service. Chauffeurs must be perfectly discreet in what they see and hear in their vehicles. At the Academy, chauffeurs also learn about Wheely’s work on digital privacy.


Maximum Safety

All Wheely chauffeurs in the UK must pass our First Aid course before graduating from the Academy. The certification will be rolled out across other markets in 2022 and 2023.

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Immaculate Attire

A chauffeur takes pride in how they present themselves—down to the finest details like choosing the correct shoes. Wheely’s dress code standards are rigorous, and all chauffeurs are prepared to meet the highest passenger expectations.

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Perfect Vehicles

Stepping into a chauffeur-driven car is a chance for passengers to escape, focus, or relax. At the Academy, chauffeurs review Wheely’s best practices for vehicle maintenance and keeping interiors looking perfect.

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Faultless Etiquette

Wheely passengers place a strong value on etiquette. Chauffeurs must know how to greet them properly, how to appropriately ask for their preferences, and when it’s acceptable to break silence.

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