The Chauffeurs

When you book a chauffeur, you expect more than just a driver. With the title comes a set of expectations.
the chauffeurs

Service Oriented

Wheely chauffeurs are never inconvenienced. If a work call delays you 15 minutes at pickup, they’ll wait without interrupting you. If you need to add an unscheduled stop, they’ll quickly find the best route. If you request to be met with a fresh cortado and a fruit selection after a long flight, they’ll shop for the highest quality. True chauffeurs don’t just drive–they assist, happily.

Higher Standards

When you’re conveying your loved ones, trust matters. It’s not just about the tailored suits and opened doors. It’s about knowing they take that trust seriously. This is why we hire elite chauffeurs and put them through three days of training verified by The CPD Certification Service, including etiquette and First Aid.

Chauffeurs Under NDAs

Busy people want to work and take calls during their commutes without worrying about what they’re saying or who’s listening. They also want to know that who they travel with, where they go, and where they live or work remains private. All Wheely Chauffeurs are subject to NDAs and enhanced privacy training.

Discover Perfect Journeys with Wheely

Exquisite chauffeured services on demand or in advance via the Wheely app. Available for iOS and Android.
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