Official Chauffeur of Royal Ascot

Tuesday 18th – Saturday 22nd June 2024
Experience the perfect day with exquisite fixed-rate journeys between London and Ascot from Wheely, the Official Chauffeur of Ascot and Royal Ascot. Royal Enclosure Badge Holders may also enjoy exclusive drop-offs at the Royal Ascot VIP Entrance presented by Wheely, and convenient pick-ups from Car Park 1.
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Wheely has partnered with the iconic Royal Ascot to transport guests to the premier event of the British summer social calendar, ensuring seamless journeys to and from the Ascot Racecourse. Wheely Members also have the privilege of retaining their Wheely chauffeur for up to the entire day.

Perfect Pick-Ups and Drop-Offs

Royal Ascot has four enclosures: Royal Enclosure, Queen Anne Enclosure, Village Enclosure, and Windsor Enclosure. Each has its own individual entrance. For your convenience, your Wheely chauffeur will drop off and pick you up at the designated car park. 

For Royal Enclosure Badge Holders, you will enjoy exclusive drop-offs at the Royal Ascot VIP Entrance presented by Wheely between 10:30 and 13:30 on Royal Ascot race days, without the need to purchase a car park label. This special entrance provides access directly into the Royal Enclosure Gardens. Pick-ups, along with all drop-offs outside these hours, will be at nearby Car Park 1, where your chauffeur will always wait for you, allowing you to meet them at your leisure.

For other enclosures, both drop-offs and pick-ups will be at the nearest car park: Queen Anne (Car Park 3 or 6), Village Enclosure (Car Park 3 or 8), and Owners & Trainers (Car Park 2).

Seamless Bookings

Wheely’s best-in-class app allows for seamless bookings to and from Ascot, both on demand and in advance. In your Wheely app, simply input “Royal Ascot” as your desired location, and then choose the car park associated with your enclosure. A well-attired Wheely chauffeur will arrive and wait for you at your selected location. You will also be able to correspond with them via a fully private in-app chat feature.

Refined Fare Classes

As the Official Chauffeur of Royal Ascot, Wheely is offering special fixed rates between London and Ascot — £150 per journey for Business Class (Mercedes-Benz E-Class and EQE), and £220 for First Class when you look for enhanced comfort in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class vehicle. If you plan to travel in groups, our XL Class (£220) is in the Mercedes-Benz V-Class, with seating for up to six. For the most elevated experience, our members-only New First Class (£295) is built around the new ultra-spacious Mercedes-Benz S-Class W223. 

Full-Day Reservations

Wheely Members also have the privilege of retaining their chauffeur for up to a full day at a convenient hourly rate. This exclusive service is perfect for attendees who plan to visit Ascot’s Fine Dining restaurants, or who want to keep belongings safe and accessible between events. A fully private in-app chat will remain open with your chauffeur, who may also be tasked with collecting friends and family to join you in unparalleled comfort.

Chauffeur For a Day rates vary by duration: half day (3-6 hours) or full day (6+ hours). Full day hourly rates are £55 for Business Class, £75 for First and XL Class, and £90 for New First Class. Half-day hourly rates are £60 for Business Class, £80 for First and XL Class, and £95 for New First Class. Each hour includes 15 free miles; additional miles are charged at standard fares. Book this service by selecting “Chauffeur For a Day” (Half Day or Full Day) in the Wheely app.

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Book your Royal Ascot journey in the Wheely app

To reserve your elevated experience, simply enter “Royal Ascot” as your drop-off/pick-up location.

Questions & Answers

How can I let my Wheely chauffeur know the correct car park for my drop-off and pick-up at Ascot?
You can select the appropriate car park through a convenient in-app list when requesting a journey in the Wheely app, by either enclosure name or car park number.
How do I redeem my Wheely promo code / gift package for Royal Ascot?
Once you have downloaded the Wheely app, you can redeem all promo codes and gift packages by following the link shared to you by Ascot. This link will automatically apply all associated privileges, which will then be visible in the app in the Payment screen.
Can I keep my chauffeur on standby during Royal Ascot?
All Wheely Members, including those on a complimentary trial membership, are able to retain their chauffeurs for up to a full day at a convenient hourly rate. Simply select our Chauffeur for a Day service when making your booking through the Wheely app.
Can I use Wheely for other Ascot events beyond Royal Ascot?
Wheely is the Official Chauffeur of Ascot and Royal Ascot. Special fixed-rate journeys between Ascot and London will be available throughout the race season across all of Wheely’s refined fare classes. Pick-ups and drop-offs to and from Ascot Racecourse may be arranged on demand or in advance. Simply ensure when booking to direct your chauffeur to the desired car park.
How do I contact Wheely with additional questions or assistance?
Our support team is conveniently available by phone and chat 24/7 through the Wheely app.