Am I allowed to have a dashcam in my vehicle? If not, why not?

No. We need to ensure that we provide a consistently reliable service for our passengers. A lot of our passengers choose Wheely because they know that their personal information is secure. Stepping into a Wheely that has a dashcam removes this feeling of safety that our passengers expect from us.

I abide by the TfL dashcam standards, why can’t I have a dashcam?

Wheely is a privacy-first platform; our standards are unique. We prioritise privacy to the extent that we are willing to go to court over this matter to protect you and your passengers, as seen in this article here. We cannot allow for a risk of a breach of privacy.

Do you allow TfL approved dashcams?

No, we do not permit any form of dashcam.

What happens if I have a dashcam in my vehicle?

Any vehicle that is found with a dashcam will lead to the termination of our commercial partnership with the Chauffeur driving/owning the vehicle. In case of questions, please read our Terms and Conditions

I still have questions about dashcams; what can I do?

We want to work with you to find a solution, so please book in here to discuss your concerns with a Wheely team member.