Castlepoint Licensing

Can we be licensed by more than one authority?

An individual can hold more than one license. However, a vehicle can only be licensed by one authority at a time. Both you and your vehicle must hold the same license (i.e. You cannot be licensed by TfL but have a vehicle licensed by Castlepoint).

Whats the benefit of being licensed by Castlepoint?

If you are licensed by Castlepoint there are no restrictions on the Emission standards. This means that you can obtain a Diesel or Petrol vehicle. This means that your vehicle is a private, luxurious space for our passengers that better reflects the level of service you provide.

What else should I know?

You will need to obtain a badge exemption, this will remove the advertising that you are. PHV chauffeur from the outside of your vehicle. We are working on gaining an exemption for badges on the interior of your vehicle. When applying for your license, please let us know and we will provide you with a letter to support you in applying for plate exemption.

Will it affect the journeys I take?

No, you will be able to take the same journeys as before.

How do I apply for a Castlepoint license?

Apply here.

What is the cost of obtaining a license?

How long will it take to get licensed with Castlepoint?

1-6 weeks