Why is luggage assistance so important ?

Assisting our passengers with their luggage at all times is a key component of our commitment to valuing the customer’s time and comfort. Traveling with luggage can be time-consuming and challenging, and by proactively assisting with their belongings, we ensure a smooth and efficient transition. This level of personalized service reflects our commitment to exceeding expectations and creating memorable experiences while respecting our passengers' time.

How to deliver exceptional luggage assistance?

Remember that maintaining the Wheely standards is the best way to ensure a smooth journey and by assisting the passenger to place and remove their bags is a fundamental part of the experience.

  1. Cordially greet the passenger, warm and genuine smile.

  2. Inform the passenger you’d like to help them with the luggage. Eg. ‘Allow me to put this in the car for you madam/sir.’

  3. Elegantly place the luggage in the back/trunk of the car.

What if there is not enough space in the trunk/back of the vehicle?

It is important to note that you are allowed to store luggage provided it can be done safely and comfortably, and your passenger agrees.

  • Ensure the luggage does not block the rear-view mirrors.

  • Make sure the luggage fits easily through the door.

  • Secure the luggage either in the footwell or fastened on the passengers seat.

If you cannot securely load all of the passenger’s luggage then please ask the customer to take a seat within the vehicle and call Customer Services to inform them of the situation.