What are pre-booked journeys?

Pre-booked journeys allow passengers to book a Wheely journey in advance. These often tend to be longer than on-demand journeys.

How far in advance will I be able to see a passengers pre-booked journey?

For First and Business classes, pre-bookings become available to reserve 24 hours before the scheduled time. For XL, reservations are available immediately upon the passenger's request.

How do I reserve a pre-booked journey?

Before reserving a pre-booking, please ensure that you have carefully read any comments made by the passenger. Next, please confirm that you have enough diamonds to reserve this booking. Once you are ready to reserve, press on the reserve this booking button. You will be asked to confirm your reservation and will be shown the cost of the journey. Please ensure that you complete the journey in the vehicle that was on your profile at the time it was assigned to you. If you have changed your vehicle since reserving the pre-booked journey, please contact Customer Services immediately.

When should I be online to accept the pre-booked journey?

Once you have reserved a pre-booking, you will see the distribution time for the journey. 15 minutes prior, you will get a push notification – either click on it and start the journey using the “Start journey” button on the pre-booking screen, or wait and begin the journey at the planned time. You must be online at the distribution time – failure to do so will incur a diamond penalty. You must also be online to use “Start journey” button.

What happens if I receive an ASAP journey before the pre-booking?

If you are on an ASAP journey before your pre-booking that overlaps into the distribution or the journey time, the pre-booked journey will be assigned to another Chauffeur and you will receive a refund of the amount of diamonds that were used to reserve it.

What happens if I am on an active journey during my pre-booking distribution?

If you are on an active journey, it will not be distributed to you and it will be assigned to another chauffeur.

Please avoid booking pre-booked journeys close together, as passengers can opt to adjust the time and this can cause you to miss out on journeys.

If you are already on an active journey, the pre-booking will not be returned to you.

Why are some journeys worth more diamonds than others?

The diamond cost of a pre-booking directly reflects its potential value. As the journey time approaches, the diamond cost of the journey will gradually reduce to ensure it is completed on time.

What happens if I cancel my reservation of the pre-booking?

If you release a pre-booking after you have reserved it, your diamonds will not be returned.

If you release a pre-booking too close to the distribution time, you will receive a diamond penalty for releasing too late.

What happens if I am not online to accept the journey?

If you are not online to accept the pre-booked journey, then the journey will be allocated to another chauffeur. However, by reserving a pre-booked journey, you are committing to be there on time. If you are a no-show, then your ability to book pre-booked journeys will be restricted for a set period of time, determined by our Quality Assurance Champion.