Wheely’s London Academy: The Art Of Luxury Chauffeuring

16 Jun 2022Press-release

In just 18 months from launch, Wheely’s London Academy has welcomed over 1000 chauffeurs who have been trained in the art of luxury chauffeuring. The three-day practical training course includes the industry’s highest standards of service, safety, etiquette, and discretion.

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Wheely serves discerning customers who expect every journey to meet the same consistently high standards. Each chauffeur is trained and assessed according to The Wheely Standard, a set of core values which define the Wheely service. Before a chauffeur can join this elite team, they need to demonstrate that they can deliver an experience not just a journey.

Service Philosophy

As the BBC covered in the Academy’s early days, some of the staff behind the programme have a history of service with the British military, where they embody service excellence:

“It’s all about putting someone else before yourself. That’s what the Armed Forces teach, and that’s what we teach.” — Oliver Jones, General Manager UK

But putting passengers first is more than a corporate value: it is the ethos of every chauffeur on the platform.

An Engaging Classroom

Anyone can be a driver. It takes much more to be a chauffeur. A Wheely chauffeur takes pride in how they act and dress—from fine points of etiquette to choosing the correct shoes. Wheely’s standards are rigorous, and all chauffeurs are prepared to not only meet the highest passenger expectations but exceed them.

And when it comes to protecting those passengers, it isn’t enough that chauffeurs are perfectly discreet in what they see and hear. Modern privacy measures need to go further. At the Academy, chauffeurs also learn about Wheely’s pioneering work on digital privacy.

To graduate the Academy, chauffeurs must pass a First Aid certification on their third day, ensuring their readiness to calmly and professionally respond to emergencies.

Professional Development

Wheely’s chauffeur support doesn’t end with the classroom. Chauffeurs return to the Academy for continued guidance and assistance throughout their careers, on everything from soft skills to refreshing their amenities—ensuring they remain equipped to offer the highest level of service. The Academy sees over 200 of these visits every month.

“We love to see the re-engagement from past graduates—who demonstrate a real desire to excel in the very fine details of their work. This is what defines a Wheely chauffeur to us: not the specifics of their prior work experience, but their commitment to excellence.” — Oliver Jones, General Manager UK