Can I bring my pet?

You are welcome to travel with your pet, but please adhere to the following guidance:

Dogs of any size must be muzzled and kept on a leash. The seat should also be covered with a blanket or a towel to protect it from dirt, as well as protect future passengers who may be allergic to dog hair. Lap dogs don’t require a muzzle, but should be kept on your lap.

Chauffeurs are legally obliged to transport assistance dogs without any restrictions and at no additional fee.

Small animals like cats, rabbits or reptiles should travel in special carriers or cages fitted with an absorbent pad or liner.

A crate with a waterproof bottom or a special rubber-impregnated carrier bag is recommended for cats.

Birds should be transported in a cage with a lined bottom.

At no time should pets be allowed to move freely inside the car.

Once a journey has been requested, passengers are required to inform Wheely that they will be travelling with a pet or animal. This needs to occur before the chauffeur arrives to carry out the journey.