How does Membership work?

How much does Wheely Membership cost?

Our membership status is extended to our most loyal passengers at no additional cost. Access can only be earned by qualifying.

What criteria do I need to meet to access Wheely Membership?

You must either accept an invitation from an existing member or complete at least 15 personal journeys within a six-month period. These completed journeys must be requested on your personal Wheely account in order to qualify. You can track your eligible journeys in the Membership section of the Wheely app.

What are the key features of the New First Class Vehicles?

These Mercedes-Benz S-Class W223 vehicles are complete with extra legroom, a long wheelbase for greater comfort, a panoramic sliding sunroof, reclining seats, privacy blinds, and amenities like FIJI water, Oshibori refreshing towels, and an Acqua Di Parma car diffuser. Moreover, standard Business Class features — including branded paper tissues, disinfecting wipes, and chargers for both iPhone and USB-C — remain a part of this elevated experience.

Where is New First Class available?

New First Class is available in Dubai, London and Paris.

Where is Concierge available?

Concierge is available in London and Paris.

How do I renew my membership?

Membership is re-evaluated every six months and automatically renewed for those who have taken 15 journeys over the last evaluation period. You can track your current membership status and expiration date in the Membership section of the Wheely app.

What is available for non-members?

All Wheely clients still have access to all essential features, including Business, First and XL Classes, to ensure perfect airport pickups and guest journey experiences.

How can members share privileges with friends and loved ones?

Members can offer up to three memberships. Every invitation sent to someone who has never experienced Wheely before comes with a complimentary journey worth up to £100/ €100/ 500 AED, depending on the region. Once each recipient completes their first journey, we will also credit the first member’s account with a complimentary journey of their own (up to a total of three journeys).

How do I redeem an invitation to Wheely Membership?

To redeem your invitation, either follow the link shared by your contact or enter the invitation code manually in the Wheely app (Membership → Become a Member). The invitation cannot be applied if you are an active or former member.

Do members who joined through the invitation have different privileges?

All members enjoy the same privileges regardless of how they earned access. The only difference is the membership period — 3 months for invited members and 6 months for those who completed 15 journeys within 6 months. To extend the status beyond the 3 month period for invited members, they must complete 15 journeys over that time. Once they do, they will receive the privilege of sharing their status and a complimentary journey with their trusted contacts.

What will happen to Wheely for Business customers?

Wheely for Business customers who hit a certain threshold will receive access to the same benefits as Wheely Membership. Please reach out to your account manager for more information.