Preauthorized charges

1. What is this preauthorisation for?

Wheely has placed a temporary charge on your payment card towards the anticipated cost of your journey.

2. How does it work?

Once your journey is complete, the final fare will be subtracted from the preauthorised amount and any unused portion will be returned to your card. If the final fare is greater than the preauthorised amount, the difference will be added.

Your bank may have sent you a notification that Wheely charged your card immediately after you booked your journey. This represents the preauthorisation, not the final journey amount.

3. What if I cancel the journey?

If you cancel within 5 minutes of booking, there is no charge. The full preauthorised amount will be returned within several hours.

If you cancel after five minutes—or after your Chauffeur has arrived—you will be charged a cancellation fee based on the fare class requested. See Cities and Fares for more details. This fee will be subtracted from the preauthorisation and the balance will be returned.