Long pickups

How is the incentive calculated?

Journeys where driving to the pick-up location is longer than between the pick-up location and final destination will be compensated. For example, you drive 10 miles and 15 minutes to pick up Anna. The journey with Anna only takes 5 miles and 2 minutes. You will be compensated 5 miles and 13 minutes.

Long-distance compensation is calculated exactly the same as journey tariffs. For Business, the miles and minutes are compensated at £0.75/minute and £1.2/mile. For First & XL, it is compensated at £1.10/minute and £1.75/mile.

Is there a cap on the maximum compensation?

The maximum compensation is capped at £30.

When will I be paid out?

The compensations are paid out weekly on Monday. However, you can also check the compensated amount daily in the app in the Incentives Feed. Please keep in mind that the number in the app is updated every 24 hours and not after each completed journey.

What journeys qualify for the incentive?

All journeys except pre-booked journeys reserved by you.

Who is eligible for long pickup compensations?

Any active Chauffeur who has a weekly acceptance rate for the previous week of 90% or above.

How often do we measure your acceptance rate and decide your eligibility?

Every week on Monday.