What is an acceptance rate?

Your acceptance rate is % of journeys you have accepted from the last 200 requests to accept a journey on the Wheely App (e.g. if you have had 200 requests and accepted 150 journeys your acceptance rate is 75%).

Where can I see my acceptance rate?

Your acceptance rate is located on the main menu in the chauffeur app.

What should I do if I cannot accept a journey?

If you are not in a position to accept a journey, then please set your status to offline. This way, you will not be sent journeys you are unable to accept.

What happens if I have a low acceptance rate?

  • If your acceptance rate is lower than 80%, then you will not be eligible to your weekly incentives.

  • Weekly incentives allow you to earn between £400-1000 extra per week, so it is in your interest to maintain access to these.

  • You will be required to come into the Academy to complete 2days of accreditation and your first aid course.

Why is there a change to the acceptance rate policy?

Our passengers need total reliability and a very high quality service.

Can I be asked to be unassigned from a journey?

Not unless there is an issue with your car or yourself.