Minimum Requirements For Android and iOS Devices

To start working with Wheely and receive journeys, you must first download the Wheely Chauffeur App. Please, see below our recommended device models to ensure an optimised in-app experience.

It’s important to note that Wheely chauffeurs are required to use a single mobile device to log in to their accounts. Starting from March 6, 2023, it will no longer be possible to switch between different mobile devices.

What are the minimum requirements for an Android device?

For you to have a good experience and a stable app, we recommend having a newer phone model and up-to-date software as with some older smartphones, the app may inaccurately transmit coordinates or freeze. Our recommendation for Android devices is as follows:

  • Android version 12.0 or higher

  • Google Play support

  • Minimum RAM of 3 GB (8+ GB recommended)

  • Location hardware, including A-GPS and GPS + GLONASS + GALILEO

  • Small or medium screen sizes, not exceeding 8 inches

Recommended brands: Samsung, Google, Xiaomi, and Honor.

Which devices are not compatible with the Wheely Chauffeur app?

As of November 2019, Huawei Android smartphones no longer feature Google services and the Google Play store. Instead, the company now uses its own services and AppGallery store, which do not support the Wheely application. Please note that this does not apply to Honor devices released since the beginning of 2021. ZTE, Oppo, and Realme devices are not supported either.

How do I enable additional configuration?

  • Set up your GPS sensor for High Accuracy: Go to SettingsLocationLocation method/ModeHigh accuracy

  • Set up Location Permissions: Go to SettingsAppsChauffeurPermissionsLocationAllow all the time

How can I disable battery optimisation on Samsung devices?

Go to Settings → Select Battery and device care → ****Select Battery → Select Background usage limits → Select Never sleeping apps → Select + → Select Chauffeur and press Add.

Root Access

Rooting the device is prohibited, and installing apps to improve the device's performance is not allowed. If such an app comes with the device’s default set-up, you must configure exceptions for the Wheely Chauffeur app.

What are the minimum requirements for an iOS device?

The minimum required iOS version is 15.0. Make sure to enable auto-updates for both your OS and the app, along with push notifications and date and time settings. Additionally, keep location sharing on at all times.

Push notifications

Enable push notifications: Go to SettingsChauffeur app → Notifications → Turn on Allow Notifications and Time-Sensitive Notifications.

Go to Alerts and ensure that all types of alerts, especially Banners, are checked (turned on).

Go to Banner Style and set it to Persistent.

This ensures that messages from Wheely will stay at the top of the screen until you dismiss them yourself. This ensures you won't miss any important information.

Location sharing

The Chauffeur app requires you to always share your location.

Share your location: Go to Settings → Chauffeur → Location → Select Always to allow the app to use your location.

Date, time and time zone synchronisation

Ensure that your device has the correct date and time to avoid missing your bookings.

Set up an automatic date, time, and time zone synchronisation on iOS: Go to SettingsGeneralDate & Time → Turn on Set Automatically.

If the time zone is not correct, turn off Set Automatically, select the correct time zone, and turn Set Automatically back on.

iOS and app updates

Turn on iOS updates on your device: Go to SettingsGeneralSoftware Update → Tap on Automatic Updates → Turn on Download iOS Updates and Install iOS Updates.

Turn on automatic updates for apps: Go to SettingsApp Store → Turn on App Updates.

Enabling automatic updates for iOS and the Chauffeur app ensures that you have the earliest access to the latest features and bug fixes for the app.