How does the Airport Queue work?

At Heathrow Airport there is now a queue system for the distribution of ASAP journeys.

How do I join the Queue?

  • The Heathrow Airport Queue zone is highlighted on the below map. This will also be shown in your Chauffeur app as a blue zone.

  • When you enter the queue zone, you will then see your place in the queue. This works on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • You will move up in the queue, as Chauffeurs ahead of you receive journeys.

  • When you are next in line, the next booking request is yours to accept as normal.

  • If you reject the booking, you will return to the back of the queue.

Where shall I wait?

There is a dedicated area for drivers of private hire vehicles to park and wait at Heathrow known as Authorised Vehicle Area. This is open from 05:00 - 23:45 daily and will cost £1 for an hour. We recommend that you wait here to ensure the best pick-up times for our passengers. You can wait for your next booking request anywhere in the queue zone without affecting your place in the queue.

Where will I receive journeys from?

Once you are in the Heathrow Queue, you will only receive journey requests from Heathrow. To receive all booking requests, simply select ‘City bookings’ on the map screen.

How does the queue work if I drive in two different classes?

If you are available for different classes, such as Business and First, you will see your place in the queue for each class. You will be allocated the next available journey, whichever class that may be.

Can I lose my place in the queue?

You may lose your place for any of the following reasons:

  • Declining a journey request

  • Leaving the queue zone (in which case you have 5 minutes to return before you lose your place)

  • Tapping the ‘Leave queue’ button

  • Ongoing geolocation issues

  • Mobile communication issues

What if I am on a journey with a passenger that is being dropped off in the zone?

If you accept a journey to the queue zone from outside the zone, you will be added to the queue as soon as you pick up your passenger. You will then start to move up the queue on your way to the zone, allowing you to receive a new journey request faster.