How do queue zones work?

We have now added a new queuing system to allocate bookings in busy zones. These are usually areas where a large number of journeys are requested from a single location e.g. airports or stadiums.

How to join the queue and take a booking:

  • Queuing zones are highlighted in blue on the map in your chauffeur app, with bookings allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • If you are online, you will automatically join the queue.

  • When you are next in line, the next booking request is yours to accept as normal.

  • If you reject the booking, you will return to the back of the queue.

Are you driving passengers to the queue zone?

If you accept a Wheely booking to the queue zone from outside, you will be added to the queue as soon as you pick up your passengers. You will then start to move up the queue on your way to the zone, allowing you to receive a new booking request faster.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of booking requests do I need to queue for?

Once in the queue zone, you will only receive booking requests from that zone. For example, at an airport you will only receive bookings from the airport and nowhere else. To receive all booking requests, simply select ‘City bookings’ on the map screen.

Can I lose my place in the queue?

You may lose your place for any of the following reasons:

  • Declining a booking request

  • Leaving the queue zone (in which case you have 5 minutes to return before you lose your place)

  • Tapping the ‘Leave queue’ button

  • Ongoing geolocation issues

  • Mobile communication issues

How do I leave the queue?

Simply leave the queuing zone, or deselect the relevant classes in the queue.

I’m in the queue zone. Do I have to wait anywhere in particular?

You can wait for your next booking request anywhere in the queue zone without affecting your place in the queue.

How does the queue work if I drive different classes?

If you are available for different classes, such as Business and First, you will see your place in the queue for each. You will be allocated the next available booking, whichever class that may be.

I'm already in the queue. How do I switch classes?

Simply untick the class you wish to deselect, then tick the class you would like to accept.

When you deselect a class, please note that you will immediately lose your place in the queue - although you will continue to receive requests made from outside the queue zone.

Can I move up in the queue?

Yes, you will move up as chauffeurs ahead of you receive bookings or leave the queuing zone.

Why have you created queue zones?

Queues bring clarity to the booking process in areas of high demand.

  • If you arrive earlier you will receive booking requests sooner.

  • If you bring passengers to the queue zone, you will receive your next booking request sooner.