Wheely offers passengers bookings both on-demand and in advance. These are often longer journeys.

How far in advance will I be able to pre-book a journey?

Pre-bookings become available to reserve 24 hours before the pick-up time. XL tariff reservations are available immediately upon the passenger’s request.

How do I reserve a pre-booked journey?

Before confirming your reservation, ensure you have fully read and understood any comments added by the passenger.

Next to the “Reserve this booking” button you will see how many diamonds it will cost you to reserve the booking. Once you are ready to reserve a booking, press on the button. You will be asked to confirm your reservation and will be shown how much the reservation will cost.

You will need to have sufficient diamonds to reserve the journey.

Please note: When reserving a pre-booking, the journey is assigned to your vehicle. Therefore, the journey must be fulfilled with the vehicle assigned at the time of reservation. If, since the reservation, your vehicle has changed - you will need to inform our Customer Service immediately so they can switch the booking for you.

When should I be online to accept the pre-booked journey?

Once you have reserved a pre- booking, you will see the distribution time for the journey. You must ensure that you are online at this time so you can receive the journey. Failure to do so will incur a diamonds penalty.

What happens if I receive an ASAP journey before the pre-booking?

If you receive an ASAP journey that will overlap with your pre-booking, completing the ASAP journey becomes the priority. We will re-assign the pre-booked journey and return the amount of diamonds that you used to reserve it.

Why are some journeys worth more diamonds than others?

The diamond cost of a pre-booking directly reflects its potential value. As the journey time approaches, the diamond cost of the journey will gradually reduce to ensure it is completed on time.

What happens if I release the journey?

If you release a pre-booked journey, 3 or more hours before the journey pick-up time, your diamonds will not be refunded.

If you release a pre-booked journey less than 3 hours before the requested pick-up time, your diamonds will not be refunded and a penalty of 10 diamonds will occur.

What happens if I am not online to accept the journey?

If you are not online to accept the pre-booked journey, then the journey will be allocated to another chauffeur. However, be pre-booking a journey, you are committing to being there on time, if you are a ‘no-show’ then your ability to book pre-booked journeys will be turned off for a set period of time determined by our quality team.