Why do I need to add parking charges?

Parking charges are billed to the passenger, and it is necessary for you to provide a screenshot of any parking ticket BEFORE concluding the journey. This simple step takes only a few seconds of your time and ensures accurate record-keeping.

How do I add parking charges to the journey?

Before ending the trip:

  1. Tap on the “Parking” section in the app, take a picture of your parking ticket and enter the cost. The passenger will receive a receipt that includes the photo so please make sure the amount you enter matches the photo.

  2. When uploading parking tickets for a journey, please be sure to only upload the parking ticket for your current journey.

  3. Please do not upload the same parking ticket twice.

PLEASE NOTE : For drop-off journeys at Heathrow, a £5 parking charge is AUTOMATICALLY added to your journey. DO NOT add a Heathrow parking ticket.

What if I forget to add a parking ticket to the journey?

If you forget to add a parking ticket before ending the journey, please note the following:

  • Airport parking cannot be compensated under any circumstances if you forget to add them before ending the journey.

  • Exemptions can only be considered for private parking if Customer Service is contacted within 30 minutes of ending the journey, or if there is evidence of an App error.

Please remember that it is crucial to adhere to the process of adding parking charges before concluding the trip to ensure accurate billing and avoid any inconvenience.