When am I ‘On The Way’?

Your status will automatically be on the way once you have accepted the journey; this will be for all journeys whether they are ASAPs or pre-books.

When should I mark myself as ‘Arrived’?

You should mark yourself as arrived once you have arrived at the pick-up location, and are standing waiting for the passenger by the door (with an umbrella open, if it is raining/snowing).

When should I press ‘Begin journey’?

Once you have greeted and seated the passenger, please select 'Begin journey.'

During airport journeys please select 'begin journey' once you have greeted your passenger in arrivals.

When should I mark the journey as ‘Complete’?

Once the passenger has left the vehicle, and it is clear that the journey is finished and you have uploaded any necessary tickets or fines, you should press the button to complete the journey.