Transferring to a new partner

How do I transfer to a new partner?

Open your Chauffeur app, tap Change partner on the Profile screen. Enter the new partner's phone or email. You will receive confirmation that your request has been submitted.

Your transfer will then take place automatically after three days unless your existing partner chooses to release you sooner. Please make sure you have settled your affairs with your existing partner: returning the car, receiving monies owed, etc.

Once the transfer goes ahead, your new partner will need to upload your Driver-Partner contact as soon as possible before you can go online.

What happens when I submit my request?
Your original partner will receive an email stating your intention to leave, the transfer date, and a request for payment of any monies owed to you. You will also need to settle any outstanding matters on your side.

The email will also contain a Release now button. If your affairs are settled, your current partner may click this button allowing your transfer to go ahead straight away. If not, you will be automatically transferred within three days.

Your new partner will also receive an email informing them of your transfer date.

What if my original partner blocks my account?
Your account will still be transferred to the new partner, but you will need to contact the Operations Team to look into the issue and unblock you if there is no adequate reason for blocking your account.

What if I change my mind?
Not a problem - you will still be able to cancel your request. Simply tap the Cancel request button on your profile screen and both partners will receive an email to confirm that you have changed your mind.

What will happen to my pre-bookings?
Pre-bookings are assigned to specific vehicles, so they will remain with your existing partner.

What happens when a Chauffeur requests a transfer to a new partner?
You will receive an email confirming the request. You then have three days to settle any monies owed. After three days the Chauffeur will be automatically transferred to the new partner.

If no monies are outstanding, you can release the Chauffeur sooner by clicking the Release now button in the email or on the driver's card in the Wheely for Partners portal.

You will also find information about the release date on the Driver’s tab and Driver's card in your Wheely for Drivers portal.

What if a Chauffeur has an outstanding commitment and I object to the transfer?
First, please try to settle the matter amicably directly with the Chauffeur.

If you believe the matter has not been resolved, you can proceed to block the Chauffeur’s account in Wheely for Drivers and contact Wheely Operations.

The Chauffeur will still be transferred to the new partner, but won't be able to go online until you confirm the issue has been cleared up.

What do I need to do as a new partner?

When a Chauffeur requests a transfer, you will receive a confirmation email.

The email will state the official date of transfer, although the existing partner may release the Chauffeur sooner.

You do not need to take any action. On the transfer date, the Chauffeur's account will appear in your Wheely for Drivers dashboard ready for you to assign a car.