Drift between Sochi and the neighbouring Adler, or to the city’s magnificent ski resort, in appropriate luxury. Our exquisite chauffeured services offer passengers a seamless way to travel between the two cities as if they were one — while calculating their fare as such.
Whilst the shortest wait times are in the city centre, you may book a Wheely pickup anywhere within the marked area, for a dropoff anywhere in the country.

Vehicles & Chauffeurs

Chauffeurs maintain their vehicles in perfect condition. Daily quality spot checks. Discreet colours with no signage. Trusted, expert Chauffeurs successfully deliver standards learnt at the Chauffeur Academy.

Personality & Privacy

We prioritise passenger privacy. Chauffeurs follow our strict confidentiality policy. Personalised journeys to ensure your journey meets your needs.

Amenities & Service

Umbrella, phone chargers, and amenities provided as standard. Meet and greet airport service with our complimentary waiting time.

Experience Wheely’s Perfect Airport Pickup

End the perfect trip or holiday with the perfect journey home. Just input your flight number and we’ll ensure a leisurely exit, no matter when you land.
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