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Download our mobile app and request a car in seconds.

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Download our mobile app and request a car in seconds.

Request a car with a couple of taps via our app: we’ll detect your location and send you a car within minutes.

Your safety and comfort are Wheely’s top priority. This is why our drivers get special training and take city navigation tests.

Don’t worry about cash. At the end of the ride, payment is made from the bank card linked to your account. All you do is get out of the car, and the receipt is e-mailed to you automatically.

The Choice Is Yours

We have hundreds of cars only a few minutes away from you. Just take your pick.

Please see our Cities and Rates page to learn more about your local rates.

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Corporate Services

Open a corporate account with Wheely so that your company’s employees can request cars with ease and convenience via our website or mobile app. Quick delivery, ride tracking, a full package of documents for accounting and other features help simplify and optimize work for our clients.