What are diamonds?

“Diamonds” are a virtual currency on the Wheely platform, which can be exchanged for pre-booked journeys.

How can I earn diamonds?

Diamonds can be earned through completing ASAP journeys during specific time periods during the day, completing quality checks, and through the ongoing diamond incentive below.

When will diamonds be added to my account?

Diamonds earned by completing ASAP journeys (you will see the amount within the app) will be added automatically once you’ve completed the journey.

Diamonds earned through incentives are typically added the following business day (i.e. diamonds earned Fri-Sun are added on Monday). Please refer to the diamond incentive description for further information.

Is there a cap?

Diamonds are capped at 250 diamonds, this means that if you have more than 250 diamonds, you will not be eligible for the Diamond Booster.

How do diamond earnings get calculated under the Diamond Booster Incentive?

The diamonds will be calculated based on the hour in which you accepted an ASAP journey.

Are pre-booked journeys eligible under this incentive?

No, only ASAP journeys are eligible.

How does the algorithm work?

The algorithm takes into account:

  • The number of active chauffeurs on the platform

  • The number of available pre-bookings at the time

  • The average number of diamonds you have

  • The value of the journey

This means that the number of diamonds that a journey costs is constantly changing; this should be a fair system for all.