What is the Extra Stop button?

The Extra Stop button is designed to handle journeys when a passenger requests multiple stops on a fixed fare journey (such as a fixed price airport transfer). If a passenger requests to stop during a fixed price journey, the journey will then be changed from fixed price to the standard tariff (based on mileage and time).

When should I press it?

There are two situations in which you can press the Extra Stop button.

  1. Significant Diversions: If the passenger requests an extra stop, that involves a 20 minute diversion from your original route. For example, a passenger going from Park Lane to Heathrow requests first to stop at Piccadilly Circus.

  2. 20+ minutes waiting: If the passenger asks you to stop and wait for more than 20 minutes, then you may also press the extra stop button.

When should I not press it?

  1. When using the M25 instead of going through London, unless there is a significant diversion (e.g. you need to go in the opposite direction first).

  2. When the diversion does not add more than 20 minutes to the journey.