Standard Phrases

How do I greet the passenger?
“Good morning / Good afternoon / Good evening [passenger name]."

What are the three statements I must inform the passenger?

  1. Ask if the passenger has a preferred route to their destination & confirm ETA, for example, “The journey to Mayfair will take approximately 20 minutes. Please let me know if you have a route you’d like me to take”

  2. Confirm the temperature with the passenger, and offer to adjust it, e.g "The temperature is 21 degrees, please let me know if you would like me to adjust it"

  3. Confirm if a passenger wants to listen to the radio, and offer for them to connect their own device by saying "If you would like to listen to the radio, please let me know or feel free to connect your device"

How should I say farewell to the passenger?
Once the journey is complete and you are outside the vehicle, please open the door for the passenger. Complete the journey by asking the passenger "may I assist you with anything else?" and "thank you, have a good morning/afternoon/day/evening".