SPIEF 2021: Wheely announced as official chauffeur service

May 29, 2021Press-release

Accredited chauffeurs for First, Luxe, and XL-class vehicles can enter privileged event zones across St. Petersburg.

As the official chauffeur service of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2021 (2-5 June), Wheely has been granted exclusive access to privileged pick-up and drop-off zones, giving event-goers a luxurious alternative to the long process of accrediting their own vehicles or having to walk to the venue from weather-exposed access points outside the security cordon.

All Wheely chauffeurs for First, Luxe, and XL-class vehicles are accredited to deliver passengers directly to and from the venue’s front doors (Entrance C).

Advance and on-demand bookings must be made directly through the five-star Wheely app, which is available in both the App Store and Google Play and can be used across all Wheely markets (St. Petersburg, Moscow, London, Paris, etc). Signup takes roughly 90 seconds, and all information is kept to the highest standards of privacy.

Can I book any Wheely car to get to/from the Forum?

Only Wheely chauffeurs driving First, Luxe, and XL-class vehicles are accredited to pass security checkpoints at the Forum, Pulkovo Airport, Moskovsky Rail Terminal, and event partner hotels. Chauffeurs driving Business-class cars are limited to less privileged areas outside official cordons.

Which doors will I be picked up at?

Accredited vehicles will meet you at the main doors (Entrance C), though limited pick-ups for Luxe-class fares are available for Entrance E and F (if you prefer this, contact Wheely support via the app after booking your ride). Business-class fares will arrive at the unaccredited vehicle pick-up/drop-off zone by the road. If you have the latest version of the app installed you’ll be able to clarify your specific location.


How many passengers can be included in each fare?

  • Business-class (Mercedes E-Class, BMW 5-Series) — 3 passengers (+1 middle back seat).

  • First-class vehicles (Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7-Series) — 2 passengers (+1 front seat).

  • Luxe-class (Mercedes Maybach) — 2 passengers (+1 front seat).

  • XL-class (Mercedes V-Class) — 5 passengers (+1 front seat).

If picking up or dropping off passengers at separate locations, kindly add all locations at the time of booking using the + button to get an accurate fare quote.

Who can use Wheely to visit SPIEF-2021 locations?

Accredited participants of all categories can use Wheely to visit the Forum. Please, be sure you have a SPIEF badge with you — only accredited attendees can visit the Forum venue.

What COVID-19 precautions are being taken?

All accredited chauffeurs will have returned a negative PCR result, and will be wearing masks. Though gloves are no longer required by the city government, all touch-points within the vehicle are sanitised between each journey per our COVID-19 safety policy, and hygiene kits with complimentary alcohol wipes are available in every car.

Which payment methods are supported?

All payments must be made by credit or debit card or by Apple Pay through our app.

Will local pricing change after SPIEF 2021 is over?

Yes. In order to ensure chauffeur availability during SPIEF, all journeys are subject to a temporary price adjustment of x2.5 from 1-5 June, 2021. Pricing will otherwise revert on 6 June as demand normalises.