Time is not made. It is ex­pe­ri­en­ced.

At Wheely, we believe that time is our most pre­ci­ous gift. A re­sour­ce at on­ce fi­ni­te and un­bo­un­ded, mea­sur­able and in­tan­gib­le, giv­en to us in a quan­ti­ty and mar­ked by us with a qua­lity.

Our mission is to ho­nour and pro­tect the ti­me of those who un­der­stand that what we do with it is mo­re im­por­tant than how much we have.

We offer them an ex­cep­tional ser­vi­ce born of a fi­ne he­ri­ta­ge tra­di­ti­on, ma­de per­fect with the best of mo­dern tech­no­lo­gy. A ti­me­less ser­vi­ce ma­de to en­han­ce the pos­si­bi­li­ti­es of their ti­me.

This is in our DNA. Born in Swit­zer­land and ma­de in Bri­ta­in, Wheely mar­ri­es ab­so­lu­te dis­cre­ti­on, the high­est hos­pi­ta­li­ty stan­dards, and an ap­pre­cia­ti­on for what it means to cho­ose well.

We serve those who as­pi­re great­ly, who li­ve in mo­ve­ment, who ne­ver stop jour­ney­ing.

Choices multiply.

Each mo­ment is in­fi­ni­te, de­fi­ned on­ly by the au­da­ci­ty of tho­se with a vi­si­on for it.

Wheely was built for tho­se who da­re to re­in­vent and re­de­fi­ne their ti­me.

Time Redefined