Will the outbreak of COVID-19 change my Wheely experience?

Unavoidably so. We have implemented a range of enhancements to protect passengers and chauffeurs as far as possible from the moment your car arrives. 

Every car will carry hand sanitiser and single-use tissues. Chauffeurs now sanitise every touch point after every journey using single-use antiseptic or alcohol wipes, as well completely disinfecting the vehicle with spray and single-use disposable cloths at least twice per day.
All chauffeurs will also frequently wash their hands with hand sanitiser, or with soap and water whenever available. Your chauffeur will maintain a respectful distance throughout your journey, facing away from the vehicle when opening your door. And please be aware that chauffeurs have also been advised to avoid handshakes. For airport pickups, your chauffeur will still offer to carry your luggage but will apply hand sanitiser as soon as your bags are placed safely in the boot. 

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