Can I book a chauffeur hourly?

It’s always been possible to book a Wheely chauffeur for a set number of hours. The new Hourly Journey feature now makes it easy to do.

How do I book Hourly Journeys?

  • Tap Destination or Duration in the main menu.

  • Select Hourly Journey.

  • Set the approximate number of hours required.

Can I travel out of the city?

There are no restrictions on the distance you travel.

Can I contact my chauffeur in advance to discuss the details?

You can use ‘Add a Comment’ to enter details, or contact Customer Service from your app. The details will be passed on to your chauffeur.

Can I use Hourly Journey to book an airport transfer?

Yes, it's possible for both airport pickups and drop-offs. The final fare will be based on the actual duration and distance travelled.

How do you calculate Hourly Journey fares?

Every hour is charged at a set rate. A simple ‘Pay as you go' formula is based on a combination of pickup charge, duration and distance travelled. You can view the tariff in detail at

What if I book too many or too few hours?

That’s fine. Because of the way your fare is calculated, you can simply extend or cut short your booking, as you wish.

Do I need to make a deposit?

Because of the longer journey times, Wheely takes a deposit equal to 30% of the estimated fare either 12 hours before a journey starts or when your chauffeur has been allocated. This amount is then taken off the final fare.

If the final fare is less than the deposit paid, you will receive a refund for the remaining amount.

Is the deposit refundable?

Yes, your deposit is refundable until the moment your chauffeur arrives.