INZMO Phone Insurance

INZMO Phone Insurance
INZMO device insurance is designed with the consumer in mind – you can register any claims via their app which are reviewed immediately. INZMO also guarantees to repair your device with 7 working days, or replace it within 3 working days.
Wheely chauffeurs can purchase fully comprehensive INZMO phone insurance, (including worldwide and theft cover) at an exclusively discounted rate. This offer applies to any
device less than 2 years old.
Please see the table below for INZMO for Wheely Partners pricing:
Purchase price
Annual Price
Monthly Price
Excess Fee
£501- £750
How to claim this offer:
1. Complete 50 trips to receive your unique promo code. If you haven’t received your code, please email londonpartners@wheely.comto request your chauffeur promo code.
2. Register with INZMO via the following link
to receive your exclusively discounted mobile insurance.
Company Name: INZMO Europe GmbH
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