When to use the “Extrastop” button

The Extra Stop button is designed to handle journeys when a passenger requests multiple stops. Wheely fares are based on both mileage and time, with transfers to/from selected airports alone based on fixed-price tariffs.
If a passenger requests an Extra Stop during an airport transfer, the journey will then be charged from fixed price to the standard tariff( based on milage and time).

When to press Extra Stop during a fixed price airport transfer
1: Significant diversions
Your passenger requests an extra stop that involves a significant diversion from the original route e.g. From a pickup point on Park Lane going to Heathrow Airport, the passenger requests an extra stop at Piccadilly Circus.

2: 20+ minutes waiting
A passenger requests that you stop for more than 20 minutes e.g. From a pickup point on Park Lane the passenger asks to go via Harrods where you wait for over 20 minutes.
Note. Please avoid pressing "Extra Stop" without a valid reason e.g. if taking a longer route.

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